JB Media Productions

Hard hitting media services when you need them most.

With well over ten years behind the lens, JB Media Productions has been capturing and documenting game footage and offering on-site replay & production services in a variety of sporting events.
We're now happy to begin offering these premium services your competition and organization.

With on-site production services ranging from professional videography work, to player & judges personal replay stations, video delay, online video promotion, as well as on-site technical production services, where it counts. We offer your organization and competition an experience like never before with a professional and cost effective media solution.

We've had a storied career providing videography services to many sporting clubs throughout southwestern Ontario. Whether it's been capturing game footage, providing full coverage for television broadcast, replay services for coaching staff - we've always been happy to assist in bringing new digital media to local sporting organizations and players to offer a new level of game coverage.